Domestic control centres

The 3-in-1 solution for single, dual and multiple-occupancy dwellings

All you need to know about Sailer CENTRASTA domestic control centres

The CENTRASTA domestic control centre combines a fresh water station, stratified storage tank and heating circuit supply.
he CENTRASTA domestic control centre is suitable for a multitude of applications. It can be used as a centralised supply unit in single-occupancy dwellings or as a decentralised storage tank and supply unit in multiple-occupancy dwellings or multi-storey residential buildings.

The complete solution 
The CENTRASTA domestic control centre is the perfect combination of electronically controlled fresh water station, Sailer stratified buffer tank and heating circuit supply for hygienic hot water generation, maximum convenience and high energy efficiency. 

Ready-to-install for quick installation<br/> The devices are pre-assembled with the desired components in the factory as plug-and-play units for quick installation, and thus already deliver time and cost savings during installation. 

Compact design
With installation dimensions of W x D x H 575 x 578 x 2095 mm, the domestic control centre can easily be fitted into a recess or even a kitchen cupboard.

Hygienic, decentralised heating of domestic water
Integrated electronically controlled FRIWASTA Plus fresh water station with a tap capacity of 20 to 40 l/min.

High-quality stainless steel plate heat exchangers*
are available in two designs ‚Äď choose from copper-brazed or stainless steel welded.  

Classified as a small installation
Since the volume for each extraction point is less than three litres (3 litre rule), no special obligations apply, e.g. the inspection obligation under Section 14 of the Domestic Water Ordinance.

Lower volume flows and peaks in the system
Provisioning in the storage tank means large volume flows and peaks can be avoided in the piping.

Cost-efficient piping installation
A 2-pipe line is sufficient. It is operated at low temperature for heating mode and at high temperature for charging the tank.

Also ideal for refurbished properties
Perfect for refurbishments because the control centre can be connected to an existing 2-pipe system.

Energy cost savings due to temperature reduction 
In heating mode, the pipe system is operated at a low temperature. The flow temperature is only raised to a higher level briefly while charging the storage tank. An ideal basis for the efficient operation of heat pumps in a multi-storey residential building. Off times can also be bypassed and uptime can be optimised. In addition, heat loss is kept to a minimum within the pipe system.

Demand-led control 
Each inhabitant can adjust the domestic control centre to their own requirements via the integrated MANAGER system controller.

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