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Fresh water station

Friwasta Plus 50-100

Product description

Powerful, innovative devices for multiple-occupancy dwellings (8 to 25 accommodation units) with four different tap capacities. High-quality, stainless steel

plate heat exchanger available in two versions – choose from copper-brazed or stainless steel welded.

Copper-brazed heat exchangers are suitable for use with PH values from 7 to 9 and electrical conductivity of 10-500 µS/cm. Stainless steel welded heat exchangers are suitable for use with a PH value of 6-10 and with electrical conductivity of over 500 µS/cm. 

Ready-to-install complete unit with:
- High-efficiency pumps
- Control device (MANAGER as standard)
- Shut-off devices
- Thermal insulation shell

Dimensions: H x W x D 891 x 530 x 362 mm, dimensions for connections and fittings, incl. hole and drilling pattern, can be found in the Technical Data Sheet.


We can, but we don’t have to! 

Cascading of FRIWASTA Plus 40-200 fresh water stations.
An economical solution thanks to low costs and high productivity. With cascades of two units, Sailer can cover the complete output range from 40 l/min to 200 l/min on request. Cascading with Sailer fresh water stations can make real economic sense because you only need to purchase two devices to cover higher hot water outputs as required.

Redundancy: Cascades of two units also provide the option of additional system reliability. 

• Maximum reliability thanks to redundancy
• Improved part load to full load ratio
• Maintenance during operation 
• Balanced utilisation thanks to cascade rotation

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