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Friwasta Plus 250-800

Product description

FRIWASTA Plus 250-800 fresh water station – Dual stations for facilities with very high hot water demand.

Powerful, innovative, large appliances with a finely graduated and broad range of tap capacities from 250 to 800 l/min as single station or dual station. Ideal for restaurants, hotels, communal and public buildings such as schools, military facilities, civil defence, the fire service, commercial and industrial firms, sports facilities and more. 

The devices are available with high-quality, stainless steel plate heat exchangers in two versions – choose from copper-brazed or stainless steel welded. 
Copper-brazed heat exchangers are suitable for use with PH values from 7 to 9 and electrical conductivity of 10-500 µS/cm. Stainless steel welded heat exchangers are suitable for use with a PH value of 6-10 and with electrical conductivity of over 500 µS/cm. 

Ready-to-install complete unit with:
- High-quality stainless steel plate heat exchanger
- High-efficiency pumps
- MANAGER, or optional MASTER, control device for regulating the complete system
- Robust tubular steel frame
- Optional: Thermally insulated metal housing

D x W x H 1990 x 1807 x 1000 mm with thermally insulated housing.

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Support set for attaching the station to individual thermal stratification cylinders

FRIWASTA fresh water stations can be attached directly to the Sailer individual thermal stratification cylinder without much installation work and in a space-saving manner. 
Various mounting units and spacers ensure that the fresh water station fits perfectly, depending on the size of the appliance. Find out more here...

Fresh water stations from 30 to 800 liters/minute

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