Increasing the auxiliary power supply of PV systems

Power to Heat

Product description

A key phrase when discussing the energy-efficient operation of a photovoltaic system is ‘increasing the auxiliary power’. This is why Power to Heat systems are continually increasing in popularity. They make it possible to heat the water in the storage tank using excess electricity from the PV system and electrical heating elements.

Electric heating element for converting electrical energy into thermal energy
The excess electrical energy can be converted into thermal energy by means of two different heating elements.
Variant 1: An electric heating element can be used in new systems
Variant 2: In existing systems, it is possible to use a heating pad located on the tank jacket to heat the contents of the tank. In this case, steel is an advantage because it is has a high level of thermal conductivity.

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Fig.: Diagram of Power-to-Heat with electric screw-in heating element, stratification element and fresh water station

Cold and heat storage up to 100.000 Liters

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