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The perfect solution for new builds and renovations or when space is limited

Compact enough for easy installation – big on volume. All standard tank types are available as XXL variants in an oval shape (720 x 1200 mm) with a volumetric capacity of 1200 litres.

As well as round tanks, we also supply all of our standard tank types in an oval shape with a volumetric capacity of 1200 litres. Oval storage tanks can also be configured to suit your preferences and technical requirements.

Before function comes installation – or:  how do you get a storage tank down narrow stairs, along corridors and through small doors into the boiler room?

You're familiar with the situation… 
In old buildings or historical buildings undergoing renovation, there is often a lack of space with narrow corridors, stairs and passageways. But in new buildings, too, small rooms and narrow access may make transport and installation inside the building very difficult. 

In situations like these, oval storage tanks are the perfect solution
The XXL oval storage tank is a space-saving storage tank available in a range of variants, as either a buffer tank or stratified storage tank. Special sizes and configurations are also possible to suit specific requirements.

Sailer oval storage tanks are often real problem-solvers
With a small installation clearance of just 720 mm, the oval storage tank will pass through a door opening of 740 mm. Oval storage tanks can hold 40% more than a comparable round tank. An electric heating element can be fitted as an accessory for electric charging.

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Comparison: 1200-litre oval storage tank with 850-litre round storage tank

Cold and heat storage up to 100.000 Liters

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