Stratified storage tanks

Maximum energy efficiency saves costs in the long term

All you need to know about Sailer stratified storage tanks

Stratified storage tanks with Sailer stratification technology ensure maximum energy efficiency in heat storage and hot water generation.

Thermal input stratification ensures the greatest possible energy saving 

The charging and discharging characteristics of the storage tank are key to the efficiency of a heating system. So in Sailer stratified storage tanks, the heat is stratified by the stratification chargers according to temperature level (hot at the top, warm in the middle, cold at the bottom) without mechanically moving parts or electrical parts, saving a considerable amount of energy. The Sailer stratification charger technology can achieve primary energy savings of up to 60%.

Input stratification without mechanically moving parts Sailer stratification charging devices work without mechanically moving parts such as diaphragm valves. As a result, they are completely maintenance-free.

Stageless input stratification The many outlet openings on the stratification charging device are evenly distributed over its entire height. This allows stageless input stratification into the right layer of the tank.

Horizontal 360° input stratification The outlet openings are spread over the whole of the stratification charging device. This results in a large flow cross-section and therefore very calm inflow. The stratification elements are also designed to make inflow horizontal. This horizontal 360° input stratification prevents turbulence and therefore unwanted mixing.

Stratification quality remains stable The stratification charging device is constructed such that when there are differences in density between the storage area and the charging device, no water can enter the stratification charging device from the storage area. This keeps the quality of stratification stable.

Very efficient heat storage Optimum input stratification allows thermal energy to be stored with maximum efficiency. The temperature level provided by the heat generator is stratified on input with almost zero loss and can later be reused by the consumers.

Stratification charging devices adapted to the heat generator Different stratification charging devices are available depending on the type and output of the heat generator.

Optimum size and division of storage areas for every heat generator and consumer Storage tanks are available as standard in different types and sizes. They are designed for standard applications and basically differ in the division of the storage areas and the configuration of the stratification charging devices. 

Optional: Integrated heat exchanger with stratification charging device for solar Sailer's stratification charging device is also used for solar charging. Even when there is little solar radiation, solar energy can be stratified on input in the storage tank for later use. 

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How a stratified storage tank works

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