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All you need to know about Sailer system controllers

Demand-led designs 
The Sailer MANAGER, or alternatively MASTER, control devices are central system controllers which – taking into account all of the devices installed in the heating system – ensure the optimal regulation of the system.

State-of-the-art software regulates to save energy
Depending on the device, several interfaces are available to the heat generator, the heating circuits, the solar and fresh water stations, and to various selectable options. 

Slave function with the MASTER
The slave function makes it possible to control multiple systems. In this case, the MASTER control device can act as a control centre. Via multiple sub-stations, the controller can be connected to additional buildings and thus serve all demands.    Both devices ensure the practical, reliable, efficient and energy-saving operation of the system.

Operate heating systems externally via a remote portal
Communication with the system is possible at all times, even remotely. The linking element between the controller and the communication unit is the Sailer remote portal, which can be called up from anywhere via PC or any mobile device. To do so the MANAGER or MASTER just needs to be connected to a conventional router.
The Sailer remote portal shows via the Internet the heating system configuration with all system components and current settings, and enables direct access to all functions. All parameters can be set online. Status, operating or fault messages are delivered as required.

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