Stratified storage tanks

On-Site Welding

When space is tight ...

Even the largest tanks can be installed in the desired location.
Narrow doorways and corridors, winding staircases or other difficult circumstances can make it impossible to deliver a complete storage tank to site. This is often the case with refurbishment projects. If such space issues exist, we are able to manufacture the tank in individual segments in the factory, and deliver it to site as a construction kit, bringing it to the desired location without any fuss.

On-site welding, leak-tightness test, anti-corrosion coating, insulation
Once in the correct location, qualified Sailer installers then professionally assemble the individual parts of the tank before expertly welding together the components. Connections and built-in components, such as Sailer stratification elements that ensure maximum energy efficiency, are then attached and installed. Finally, the storage tank is tested for leak-tightness, given an anti-corrosion coating, and has its insulation installed.

On-site welding is an option for all tank types.
Be it a hot, cold or combi storage tank, with or without stratification element – we are able to weld both standard tanks as well as special tanks on site.

TÜV certificate
We would be pleased to confirm the quality of our work with a TÜV certificate on request.

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Sailer on-site welding

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