Solar thermal flat-plate collectors


Product description

Powerful collector with highly selective coating for hot water generation and supplementary heating. Flat-plate collectors with 60 mm rear panel insulation. Laser-welded harp absorber with vacuum selective coating.  Aluminium-coloured anodised aluminium frame with anti-reflective glass. Horizontal installation.

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Collectors for on-roof variant or free standing

FOCUS MQ modules can be installed as on-roof variants. Free-standing versions on flat roofs or on the ground are also possible. 

Solar thermal large-area collectors and special shapes

Collectors for faƧades, flat roofs and double-pitched roofs. Sailer solar collectors can be installed with different tilt angles vertically or horizontally on walls and roofs. The solar radiation and the tilt angle of the collectors influences the subsequent collector yield.

Sailer large-scale collectors, on the other hand, are made to measure to meet the specific on-site conditions. This allows customer-specific requirements such as tailor-made solutions, angled cuts and colours to be taken into account. Large-area collectors are fully pre-assembled in the factory up to a size of 24 square meters and are then lifted onto the roof with a crane.

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