Stratified storage tanks

Type Hybrid Plus

Product description

Storage tank with integrated hot water preparation.

Storage suitable for heat generators such as wood and pellet boilers, CHP, oil & gas boilers, local and district heating, heat pumps and el. heating cartridge. Solar stratified charging device for solar systems up to 25 m2 collector area, alternatively up to 50 m2

Technical data

Stratified charging devices for solar charging, stratified discharging for DHW preparation, heating return up to approx. 2 m3/h, buffering up to approx. 2 m3/h. Return stratification element cascade takes over entire storage tank height up to approx. 2 m3/h. Max. Operating pressure 3 bar (XXL 2.5 bar). Max. Operating temperature 110 °C.
Solar heat exchanger up to 25 m2 collector area. Tank connections: 7 sockets 11/4" for heat generator/heater, 1 socket 1/2" for dial thermometer, 1 socket 11/2" for el. screw-in heater, 4 connections 3/4" for solar and hot water. 1/2" sockets for venting and draining. Sensor terminal block.

Scope of delivery 

Ready-to-connect storage tank with solar and WW heat exchanger as well as four Sailer stratified charging devices.

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Cold and heat storage up to 100.000 Liters

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