Minimum effort – maximum effect

Solar thermal systems

All you need to know about Sailer solar thermal systems

Minimum effort – maximum effect
Today’s thermal solar heating systems are already helping to considerably reduce the use of fossil fuels such as lignite and hard coal, natural gas and crude oil. Generating energy via solar collectors protects nature and our environment. It lowers fuel consumption, reduces harmful substances and minimises costs.

FOCUS AR solar collectors are top-quality products 
on the collector market with an annual energy yield of a sensational 521 kWh/m2 per year. They offer the highest yields for solar hot water generation and supplementary heating in smaller and larger systems. FOCUS AR solar collectors are ideal for solar heating and can be combined with any appropriate system – preferably with a Sailer stratified storage tank. 

Efficient use of the available solar energy
Sailer high-performance FOCUS flat-plate collectors ensure an extremely high level of coverage even in the transition period and cold season. The collectors supply sufficient energy to cover the hot water demand and occasionally support the heating system from the solar side.

Financing is available with subsidies and low-interest loans
Germany holds a leading position in the solar panels sector and already makes up over 50% of the European market. The federal government supports this goal with attractive subsidy programmes.

The FOCUS AR meets the requirements for state subsidies (BAFA). The product's efficiency ratio lies far beyond the requirements of the federal subsidy programme. Find out more at

Long service life with a high quality standard 
The high-grade materials such as the solar safety glass, EPDM glass seal, aluminium and copper ensure permanently high quality and reliability. Careful handling does the rest. 

Trust is good – but KEYMARK and DIN certification is better
KEYMARK is the European certification mark indicating conformity of products to European standards. The marked products are tested and certified by neutral, independent professional bodies. 

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