Domestic stations

Decentralised heating of domestic water and heating circuit supply

All you need to know about Sailer domestic stations

WORASTA hot water supply in single- and multiple-occupancy dwellings (EFH and MFH)

and multi-storey residential buildings
The WORASTA domestic stations are energy-efficient devices for the decentralised generation of domestic hot water and for supplying radiators and panel heating systems. Used in multi-storey residential buildings and multiple-occupancy dwellings as a flush-mounted or surface-mounted design. 

The energy-related benefit 
lies in the fact that domestic water is only heated as required and no circulation is needed. 

The right WORASTA domestic station for every need
In addition to the hygienic and Legionella-free heating of domestic water of the Type T, the Type H also heats the radiators. The Type F can be used for panel heating.

Types and configurations
- Type T for hygienic domestic water
- Type H for hot water and radiator supply
- Type F for hot water and panel heating systems

Circulation module
Optionally, Type F can be fitted with an additional circulation module for supplying radiators. Heating circuit manifolds are available with up to ten outflows and can be fitted with appropriate flow rate meters.

Available as surface-mounted or flush-mounted design
The low installation depth makes the devices suitable for many situations and they can even be installed as flush-mounted or surface-mounted devices.

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