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Four companies under one roof

The SailerGroup

The SailerGroup plans, designs and produces innovative products and also provides a wide range of attractive services.

The Sailer Group is a mid-sized company from Schwabia, Germany, founded in 1997 by the brothers Roland and Wolfgang Sailer and which today comprises four different, specialised, innovative companies.

Sailer GmbH – Energy-efficient hot water systems

- Energy-efficient hot water generation using stratification charging technology in hot water tanks
- Fresh water stations for hygienic, Legionella-free hot water generation
- Solar heating
  Website: sailergmbh.de . info@sailergmbh.de


Sailer Energy – Photovoltaics

- Solutions for photovoltaic systems for electricity sales and private consumption
- Reduction of electric peak load
- Electrical installation
- Consulting, design, installation and service for private individuals, commerce and industry
  Website: sailerenergy.de . info@sailerenergy.de

SME – Schwäbische Metallverarbeitung Ehingen

- Steel construction & metalworking
- Industrial installations and service
- Machine and jig manufacturing
- Overlay and armour welding
- Tank and apparatus construction
- Specialist welding company
- Manufacturer qualification according to DIN 18800-7

  Website: sme-ehingen.de . info@sme-ehingen.de