The flexible system for separating two circuits

System separation "TRENNSTA"

Product description

Separation systems for separation and transfer
The Sailer separation systems are a convenient means of separating various circuits. This makes it possible both to decouple circuits with different fluids and to transfer heat flows to a subsequent circuit.

Wide variety of applications
Sailer separation systems can be used for a wide variety of applications, including the separation of heating and cooling circuits, solar thermal/boiler or heat pump and tank circuits, or even as part of heat recovery systems.

Modular design
A Sailer separation system is designed to be very flexible. Depending on the requirements, it is possible to integrate a wide range of components such as heat exchanger, pumps, flow sensors and mixing/switching valves.

For small- and large-scale systems
Depending on the application and purpose, transfer capacities of up to 250 kW are possible as standard. For larger systems, customised solutions can be designed on request. Larger systems available on request.

Application examples:
Including the separation of heating and cooling circuits, solar thermal and tank circuits, the separation of monobloc heat pumps and the tank circuit, and heat recovery.

With large boiler systems it can be worthwhile separating the boiler circuit from the tank circuit. This is because of the high requirements for water in the boiler circuit based on VDI 2035 and guaranteeing that the boiler circuit is protected against impurities in the water.

Transfer capacities

Transfer capacities*: 50 KW, 75 KW, 100 KW, 200 KW. * When dimensioning primary 80/60 C, secondary 45/75 C.


H x W x T 891 x 530 x 362 mm, without accessories. Dimensions for connections and fittings, incl. hole and drilling pattern, can be found in the Technical Data Sheet. 

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