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Stratified storage tanks

Type SPS

Product description

Stratified storage tank suitable for heat generators such as wood and pellet boilers, CHP, oil and gas boilers, local and district heating, heat pumps and electric heating elements.

    Technical data

    Stratified storage tanks with special guide plates and a Sailer stratification charging device for the return flow stratification of a FRIWASTA Plus fresh water station. 

    Max. operating pressure: 3 bar (XXL 2.5 bar). Operating temperature 110°C. 
    Tank connections: 7 x 1 1/4" sleeve sockets, 1 x 1/2" sleeve socket for dial thermometer, 1 x 1 1/2" sleeve socket for electric heating elements. Sensor terminal strip.

    Two integrated elbow pipes to ensure full utilisation of the tank capacity when charging and discharging.

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