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With and without stratification

Cold buffer tanks

Product description

Cold storage tanks deliver advantages in terms of energy, economic efficiency and the environment. Stratified storage tanks ensure optimal stratified charging and discharging.  

The cooling of buildings or provision of cold for certain cooling processes can, depending on the requirements, give rise to high costs. One reason for this can be load peaks, which always occur when the levels of generation and demand differ at the same point in time.

In addition to the required capacity, the following are also of key importance: storage temperature, storage duration and filling and draw-off volumes. Modern stratified storage tanks are capable of balancing out these differences and therefore preventing load peaks. This significantly reduces investment and operating costs. The system works efficiently. Cold storage tanks are used for, among other things, the cooling of buildings, e.g. the efficient operation of ceiling cooling systems. 

Thanks to the Sailer stratified charging element, the Sailer cold storage tank can permanently provide sufficient cold in a range of ~4 to 35°C.

It is insulated with AF/Armaflex. This is an insulation with very low thermal conductivity. It guarantees long-term energy efficiency, prevents condensation and permanently prevents energy losses. 

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