Solar thermal – use what nature has to offer

Collectors & solar stations

High-performance FOCUS AR solar collector with 84.8% efficiency – 521 kWh m2/year – with new performance-enhancing anti-reflective glass.

Sailer solar collectors obtain the highest yields! Thanks to the highly transparent sunarc® anti-reflective glass, the laser-welded aluminium absorber with outstanding thermal conductivity and the seamless insulation (up to 60 mm on the rear side, depending on the type) it is possible to achieve an extremely high level of efficiency.

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Complete units for solar thermal systems

Solar station and solar charging station

Fully pre-assembled for quick installation

The Sailer SOSTA solar station, or the SOLASTA solar charging station, depending on the application, feeds the medium (glycol/water mixture), heated by the solar heating system, through the solar heat exchanger. The key component of the station is its pump. All components are fully pre-mounted inside the insulated housing. Connecting system components is quick and easy. The installation process requires no soldering or welding.