Save energy with an intelligent controller - the "MASTER" control device

The innovative "MASTER" control device links all of the heat exchangers, heat consumer appliances, tanks and heating circuits in a system to one another.
The intelligent software allows all the devices to be controlled together, making the heating system highly efficient and delivering maximum energy and cost savings!

"MASTER controller" features

• Precise control of the fresh water unit
• Control of the Z1/Z2 circulation unit
• Control of the solar system
• Control of 2 mixed, weather-dependent heating circuits
• Control of a district heating station
• Control of zonal tank charging
• Boiler management system
- Optional: Control of the Z3 circulation variant
- Optional: Control of the VTB/Z3
- Optional: Third heating circuit
- Optional: Remote Control
• Ethernet interface
• Modbus TCP for integrating building control technology
• SD card slot for software updates and data logging
• Outputs: 17 pcs
• Temperature sensor inputs: 24 pcs
• Digital inputs: 6 pcs

Documents available to download

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"MASTER" in a heating circuit

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