Stratified storage tanks


Product description

Suitable for wood and pellet boilers and for CHP. The patented solar stratified charging device also makes it suitable for operation with solar collectors with up to 25 m2 or up to 50 m as an option2. An integrated stainless steel corrugated tube enables hot water generation using the continuous flow principle.

Technical data

Max. operating pressure 3 bar (XXL 2.5 bar). Max. operating temperature 110°C.

Solar heat exchanger up to 25 m2 Collector area.

Tank connections: 5 sleeve sockets 1 1/4“ for heat generator / heating, 1 sleeve socket 1/2“ for dial thermometer, 1 sleeve socket 1 1/2“ for electric heating element, 2 connections 3/4“ for solar, 2 connections 1” for domestic water, 1/2" sleeve sockets for ventilation and drainage. Sensor terminal strip.

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