Renovators, designers and architects are interested in the subject of energy savings

"Intelligent and energy-efficient building services" is a topic that interests both architects and designers - and not least the specialised tradesmen and subsequent users of our products.
That is why we have made it our task to transform innovative ideas into contemporary products. Take our stratified storage tanks, for example, with our patented stratification charger for the stageless input and output stratification of water with different temperatures.

We also offer you, as renovators, designers and architects, personal, project-related professional support. Please contact our qualified staff.

Our core competence lies in the following areas:

The new energy-efficient generation of storage tanks – uncompromisingly economical!
Sailer stratified storage tanks – top-quality technology with patented, stageless input stratification for maximum primary energy savings of up to 60%!
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"FRIWASTA Plus" fresh water units for hot water generation based on the continuous flow principle! The "FRIWASTA Plus" makes the difference. Sailer fresh water units have counted among the most modern and most energy-efficient systems for generating hygienic hot water for over 10 years. Go to page ...

High-performance "FOCUS AR" solar collectors with an 84.4% efficiency ratio – 520 kWh m2/year! "FOCUS AR" solar collectors are top-quality products on the collector market. They offer the highest yields for solar hot water generation and supplementary heating in smaller and larger systems. Use the sun's energy efficiently to achieve maximum yield. Go to page ...

Save energy with an intelligent controller - the "MASTER" control device
The innovative "MASTER" control device links all of the heat exchangers, heat consumer appliances, tanks and heating circuits in a system to one another. The intelligent software allows all the devices to be controlled together. Go to page ...

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