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a village saves its inn and Sailer GmbH lends a hand!

dasrößle, the village inn in Gschwend, Baden-Württemberg, Germany, is a typical Black Forest house and has been recorded as being an inn almost since it was built in 1783. Due to the changes in modern times and the lack of successor, the inn stood empty for years and was put up for sale.

The "Interessensgemeinschaft Rößle" (IGR) special interest group was specially founded to purchase and take care of this protected historical building. The whole village pitched in and after a year of intensive preparations it was ready. The IGR won the bid and was able to buy the entire property.

With the creation of a co-operative, the aim is to once again make this inn accessible to the whole village community. It will be a special kind of cultural and social meeting place that will welcome guests from near and far.

By purchasing shares in the co-operative, Sailer GmbH helped it reach its goal and the company wishes the co-operative continued success.

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