"SOSTA" solar unit – a compact, pre-assembled device convenient connection to collector areas from 10 to 50 square meters.

"SOSTA" solar unit
This solar unit guides the medium (glycol/water mixture) heated by the solar system through the solar heat exchanger located in the storage tank where the solar heat is transferred within the tank. It comprises a low-power energy-saving pump, a bleeding device, sensors, two integrated thermometers and a control valve. All of the components are completely pre-assembled together in a rigid foam insulated housing.
Connecting the system components is quick and uncomplicated. The installation process requires no soldering or welding.

"SOLASTA" solar charging unit – the external solar heat transfer device for collector areas from 50 to 500 square meters.

Sailer "SOLASTA" solar charging unit
For the perfect heat transfer to the heating system through an integrated heat exchanger.

The "SOLASTA" solar charging unit provides two functions in one device. Not only does it function as a solar unit for large-scale collector areas, it also acts as an external heat transfer device.

The ready-for-connection system with solar circuit and heating circuit pump includes all components such as shut-off devices, thermometer and connector for the safety group, filling and rinsing devices, flow meter with shut-off, 6-bar safety
valve, outflow to expansion tank, 10-bar pressure gauge, fill and drain ball valve, wall-mounting fixture. Connecting the factory pre-assembled unit is connected to the solar and storage tank pipes is quick and easy.
The system can be controlled by means of various control devices from the Sailer product range.

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