High-performance "FOCUS AR" solar collector with 84.4% efficiency – 520 kWh sqm/year!

Fig.: sunarc® anti-reflective glass

Efficient use of the available solar energy for maximum yield
"FOCUS AR" solar collectors are top-quality products on the solar collector market. They offer the highest yields for solar hot water generation and supplementary heating in smaller and larger systems.

The Sailer "FOCUS AR" solar collectors are top-quality collectors with an annual energy yield of a sensational 520 kWh/m2.

Ideal for solar domestic hot water generation and supplementary heating
"FOCUS AR" solar collectors are ideal for solar heating with any appropriate system – preferably in combination with a Sailer stratified storage tank.

Solar and solar charging units act as energy-efficient interfaces between the collector and the storage tank.

"SOSTA" – high-quality solar units
This solar unit fitted with high-quality components offers everything you would expect from an efficient top-quality solar storage tank charging system.
For systems up to 50 m2.

"SOLASTA" – a device with two functions for large-scale systems
The charging unit includes the functionality of a solar unit and the integrated plate heat exchangers enable and the external heat transfer. For areas up to 500 m2.

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