Local and district heating units for heating and hot water!

Space-saving, compact devices

Sailer distribution units are high quality, made-to-measure devices which are extremely compact, robust and durable. The units are designed with CAD, allowing the exact dimensions to be incorporated in the overall heating system plan.

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Designed to meet the requirement of the network operators

The units are designed to take the current operating conditions and requirements of the network operators and/or suppliers into account right in the planning phase. The guidelines of the AGFW (German Heat & Power Association) and the DIN standard are also considered.  

The comprehensive total solution with benefits for designers, installers and operators!

See for yourself.

The single-source solution


Sailer supplies all additional system components compatible with the distribution units such as stratified storage tanks with patented input stratification, fresh water units, domestic units, solar collectors and – to control the entire system – two system controllers which can be used for the convenient regulation and monitoring of all parameters. Remote control access is also possible using a PC or mobile device. See the diagram above.

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