The "WMZ" heat flow meter for hot water billing!

General Information:
Landlords are responsible for the timely installation of heat meters and should therefore deal with this matter at the earliest possible opportunity.

Operating costs: Measuring heat flow with heat meters
With regard to hot water billing, the German ordinance on heating cost allocation (Heizkostenverordnung - HKVO § 9 (2)) stipulates that by 31.12.2013, the heat flow required for hot water must be measured with a heat meter. According to the HKVO, at least one heat meter must be installed per heating system. Under certain circumstances, it may be useful to install a second heat meter for determining the thermal heat. If the heating system is operated by a company ("district heating contracting"), the operator agreement must clarify who is responsible for the installation and costs.
The German ordinance on heating cost allocation § 9 (1) only provides exemption from this obligation if the data acquisition is associated with unreasonably high expenditure. Such unreasonableness could include any disproportionate costs resulting from the physical or technical installation of the measuring equipment. This is in turn assumed if the costs incurred as a result of the heat meter exceed 25% of the fuel costs.

"WMZ" heat flow meters are available for all of our fresh water units, no matter what size.

The ultrasound energy meter with handheld logic unit, is a static compact meter, a fully electronic, ultrasonic measurement device. It has a data logger that makes it possible to compare the values of the previous months to compare with the current data.

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