"FRIWASTA Plus" fresh water units for hot water generation based on the continuous flow principle!

The "FRIWASTA Plus" makes the difference
Sailer fresh water units have counted among the most modern and most energy-efficient systems for generating hygienic hot water for over 10 years.

Efficient, convenient and above all safe
The "FRIWASTA Plus" offers maximum energy savings and safety because the required fresh water is heated as required. There is no water storage.

"FRIWASTA Plus" fresh water units supply between 20 and 500 litres of hot water per minute and deliver cost savings
The "FRIWASTA Plus" fresh water unit supplies freshly prepared hot water on demand to the consumer (bathroom, kitchen etc.). The domestic water is therefore only heated when needed. The fresh water units thus offer a real hygienic and economic advantage, especially if there is different user behaviour (water is drawn of many or only a few times).

The principle: A plate heat exchanger heats the hot water
According to the continuous flow principle, a plate heat exchanger heats the water (heat transfer devices) without coming into contact with the hot water supplied from the storage tank. The heat output is essentially transferred from one element to another.

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FRIWASTA fresh water unit

Sailer Novum

The world's largest fresh water unit produced by Sailer, is now installed in a regional clinic in more

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