High-performance solar collectors with the unique sunarc© anti-reflective glass are top-quality products for hot water generation with an extraordinary efficiency ratio of 84.4%! Ideal for façades, in-roof and on-roof installations.

Stratified heat storage tanks

Sailer manufactures standard and custo- mised stratified storage tanks with capacities of 500 to 100,000 litres with/without integra- ted domestic water systems. A patented stagelessly stratified storage tank enables primary energy savings of up to 60%.

The FRIWASTA Plus units count among the latest and most energy-efficient systems for supplying legionella-free hot water based on the continuous flow principle. With high-efficiency pumps, energy cost savings of up to 80% are possible.



The innovative "Master" control device links all of the heat exchangers, appliances, tanks and heating circuits in a system to one another, making the system highly efficient and saving as much energy/money as possible!

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