Multiple-family dwellings with energy-efficient Sailer technology

While they have previously taken a very cautious approach, more and more buildings with multiple residential units are increasing their use of renewable energy.
And wherever the question of the overall efficiency of a solar hybrid system arises, decision-makers also raise the issue of interaction between solar and fossil fuel components.
Although the market offers various solutions, on closer inspection it soon becomes clear that there are significant technical differences, which deliver significantly different economic results.

Only a building system in which the individual modules are based on energy-efficient technology and are managed by a higher-level controller capable of optimising the interaction between the boiler, collector, tanks and fresh water treatment, will bring the greatest savings.

Sailer offers a range of components designed to work together for maximum energy efficiency and the highest possible yields.

• Sailer stratified storage tanks with patented stratification charger technology and capacities up to 100,000 litres

Sailer fresh water units from 20 to 500 litres/min

Sailer solar collectors with an efficiency ratio of 84.4% - 520 kWh m2/year

Sailer "MASTER" control device for networking all generators and consumers

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