Heat and hot water in hotels, commercial buildings, and industrial and public facilities

Most of the energy in hotels is used for hot water and heating. In order to save energy, systems must be designed accordingly and be aligned to the usage patterns of staff and guests.

It is no different for commercial and industrial enterprises with high energy consumption. They also require advanced solutions such as solar heating combined with appropriate building technology.

More and more public facilities, swimming pools and sports facilities are planning suitable ways of using of renewable energy. One reason for this is the need to make energy savings as a result of increasing energy costs.

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• Sailer stratified storage tanks with patented stratification charger technology for capacities up to 100,000 litres

Sailer fresh water units from 20 to 500 litres/min

Sailer solar collectors with an efficiency ratio of 84.4% - 520 kWh m2/year

Sailer "MASTER" control device for networking all generators and consumers

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